Cat 7 Ethernet Cable 26AWG Heavy-Duty Cat7 Networking Cord Patch Cable RJ45 10 Gigabit LAN Wire Cable Ethernet Cable

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1. Cat 7,SFTP Compatible with Cat 5e / Cat 6 / Cat 6a Ethernet Cable
2. Conductor Construction: 8 wires Stranded Copper with shielding
3. Support bandwidth upto 600Mhz
4. Support speed up to 10Gbps
5. 26AWG, OD: 6.5 mm
6. Gold Plated RJ45 connectors
7. 4PR UTP copper strands for minimal noise, interference and crosstalk
8. PVC jacket
9. Copper
Insulating material: HDPE
Plug jacket: PVC
Durability: ≥1000
Application: network adapters, hubs, switches, routers, DSL/Cable modems, patch panels and other twisted-pair applications.